Claims Services
Management Team

Francisco Perez-Burgos, Esq.
Senior Vice President & Head of Claims & Risk Management

Nicole Hernández, Esq.
Claims Analyst

Melinda Arroyo, CIC
Claims Manager

Claims Services Department

Our Claims Department combines claims experience, loss control, and legal knowledge in an integrated fashion to better serve our clients claim. We pride ourselves in working closely with all of those involved with a claim from start to finish in order guaranteeing our clients a quick resolution to this often painstaking process.

This unique team of professionals meets personally with you to analyze your business loss experience and provides you timely information to assess and correct your business insurance risk.
Our staff’s legal knowledge and insurance experience help you ease the complex communication between you, your lawyers and the insurer; helping you to comprehend the coverage available and assessing difficult business decisions in the solutions of some these claims.

Our goal is not only to obtain the immediate reasonable payment for your loss, but also to provide you with the right information to preserve your loss experience and to help you save in future insurance costs.