Risk Management Services
Management Team

Francisco Perez-Burgos, Esq.
Senior Vice President & Head of Claims & Risk Management


Risk Management Services & Loss Control Department

Carrion, Laffitte & Casellas / HUB International CLC’s philosophy is that the best way to protect our clients from losses is by helping them in the prevention phase. That is the main purpose of our Risk Management Department. With a team of experienced professionals in the Insurance, Claims, Legal and Loss Control fields, we offer our clients a comprehensive view of the risks present at every type of operation. This initiative is complemented by a systematic inspection program that allows each insured to get a closer look at all the Property, Liability and Safety exposures that sometimes escape the eye of even the most experienced business manager.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Accident Prevention and Handling Seminars
  • Defensive Driving Seminars
  • Labor Lawsuit Prevention Seminars
  • Property and Liability Risk Inspections
  • Risk Prevention Consulting for New Constructions
  • Development and Implementation of Catastrophe Plans

This Risk Prevention strategy has proven to be successful not only by reducing the frequency and severity of claims, but also as a marketing tool for insurance policy renewal purpose. When the loss experience improves systematically, the insurance premiums tend to decrease accordingly. Let us show you all the benefits that an integrated Risk Management Program from Carrion, Laffitte & Casella, Inc. / HUB International can bring to your company.